Can an instrumental recording tell a story? Red Fox Tails’ mostly instrumental new release, Aloha, certainly boasts an inherent narrative quality. When I tweet about this album I’ll liken its sound to “surfing spacemen in sombreros.”

The Red Fox Tails’ towering instrumental chops and innate knowledge of how subtleties and understatement best serve the groove form the kind of strong musical foundation that most bands only dream of.
Richard James, San Diego Troubadour

The Red Fox Tails create an exotic cinematic soundscape built around Felipe Benavides’ savory guitar tones, Jay Reilly’s angular thumping acoustic bass, drummer Ron Bocian’s rhythmic dexterity and Jp Balmats sizzling melodies on alto and baritone saxophone.

Combining elements of Jazz, Surf, Rock and Roll, Latin and Second Line rhythms The Red Fox Tails create a percolating rhythmic pocket to lean into while nurturing the freedom of jazz, The Red Fox Tails sound has been shaped by world music flavors such as, Peruvian Chicha, 60′s/70′s Ethiopian pop music, as well as early New Orleans Funk and R&B with a heaping dose of Jim Jarmusch/David Lynch-like motion picture music.

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